Chapter 27: Can any of this really be true ?

Shortly after reporting Madeleine missing, the McCanns selected -
VERY CAREFULLY and very quickly
Metodo 3 whose principal investigators went to prison for 4 years
Francisco Marco - was appointed in September 2007, or possibly earlier, by the McCanns and their advisers, to head their much-vaunted ‘search for Madeleine’. He was the boss of the disreputable downtown Barcelona detective agency, Metodo 3. The agency had been in constant trouble with the authorities, having been caught up in a telephone tapping scandal in the 1990s, when all their top staff were arrested. During the period leading up to Christmas 2007, his staff did not look for Madeleine. They were busy promoting fake sightings to keep up the pretence that Madeleine had been abducted. In the lead-up to Christmas, he was exposed as a serial, and practiced liar. He said he knew Madeleine was alive. He maintained his men ‘knew where she was being held’. He claimed his men were ‘closing in on the kidnappers’, and finally promised that ‘Maddie will be home by Christmas’. These were all outright lies.
(Strangely the lawyers for the McCanns denied in writing that he had said this, only later to realise that Kate had included it in her book)

Antonio Giminez Raso - once a high-flying Detective Inspector in the Regional Crime Squad of Catalonia. He had a prime position in the Drugs and Human Trafficking Department. This employment came to an end around the end of 2004; whether he ‘resigned’ or was ‘pushed’ is unclear.

Julian Peribañez - who admitted in his book Cortina de Humo that he had been paid to invent sightings of Madeleine in Morocco

Metodo 3 - was investigated for money laundering after receiving € 30,000 from a socialist politician, allegedly to prepare a report on a hazelnut farm, which they simply copied from the internet.
And then
Kevin Halligen - operating under the company name of Oakley, (a company which was set up after Madeleine had been reported missing) who was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for wire fraud and money laundering. He worked alongside -

Henri Exton - said to be a specialist in investigating money laundering

Followed by
The ALPHAIG 2 - David Edgar and Arthur Cowley - who did not go to Barcelona to investigate an allegedly strong lead, (but probably charged the “Fund” for [not] doing so.) The pair who it seems continue to maintain that Madeleine is being “held in a hellish lair in the lawless hinterlands . . .”

The McCanns immediately made friends with and consorted with

Clement Freud - A known Paedophile and pervert. Friend and colleague of Cyril Smith, another known Paedophile and pervert. They shared an office with MPs. Smith had been put on the list of candidates by Jeremy Thorpe, yet another pervert with a propensity for forcible union with under-aged boys.
Freud ‘entertained’ the McCanns dressed only in a nightshirt, which apparently they did not find strange or unacceptable.

Ray Wyre - A self appointed expert in Paedophilia, - who it later transpired was on the Elm House list of visitors - for “whatever reason”
Jim Gamble - Sometime head of CEOP, and another self appointed expert on Paedophilia, who was notoriously silent and apparently inactive during the decades of abuse of young white girls in Oldham, Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford, but who went to Cambodia to buy a young girl - ALLEGEDLY to see if it was possible.

They were contacted and assisted by
Gordon Brown - then Chancellor of the Exchequer, who was instrumental in covering up the details of the Hamilton / Dunblane massacre. His motives for this are unknown, but there are serious rumours on the internet about his own past activities and proclivities, for which he has neither issued a denial nor sued.

Cherie Blair - wife of Tony Blair, then PM, widely known as “Miranda”, and jokingly referred to by his own Head of Chambers as “the nearest star to Uranus”. Believed by some to have been fined for homosexual indecency many years ago, under the name Charles Lynton (his middle two names)

They accepted gifts from
Philip Green - noted for his corrupt and greedy theft of many hundreds of millions from BHS, before selling the totally destroyed company for £ 1 to another fraudster, and for a long time refusing to assist the many hundreds of defrauded members of the BHS pension scheme, 
Brian Kennedy - the double glazing millionaire, represented by lawyer
Edward Smethurst - who had been publicly criticised in a trial by a judge for his lack of candour

They employed
HaysMcInytre - Accountants for the “Fund: who on due consideration and after the publication of a damning revelation of the very simple and obvious methods involved in defrauding the “Fund” and their apparent total lack of any professional application of “Due Diligence” - - - (Cortina de Humo) and some percipient questions in an Open Letter - resigned without presenting even an interim final account
Michael Linnett - who was then, as a retired Accountant and director, forced to take over financial responsibility for the “Fund” but resigned within three months. He died recently - (before he could be questioned about his knowledge of what details he had found which caused him to resign)

They briefed Lawyers
BatesWellsBraithwaite, - who set up the “Fund” and apparently still act for it. Their apparent lack of “Due diligence” in the appointment of various fraudulent firms and teams of bogus private detectives seems to mirror that of HaysMcintyre q.v. This, combined with their supposed neglect or refusal to attempt to reclaim the monies defrauded from the “Fund” has been a matter of some speculation.
Mishkin Reya - who specialise in preventing the extradition for proper trial of people whose alleged actions are beyond comprehension by civilised people
Carter-Ruck - who represent indefensible people in their attempts to keep disgusting secrets hidden, often by threatening to inflict financial misery on those who attempt to speak or discover the truth. The list of clients subsequently found “guilty” of the very things C-R had alleged it was libelous to state - is too long to include here.

They were represented by PR agents
Bell-Pottinger - who represented the most hideous and vile dictators and regimes across the world, and the most wicked murderers, and whose company has recently fallen apart when the true nature of their methods of planting mendacious “false-news” was revealed. The company said were paid £500,000 to keep the ‘abduction’ story on the front pages of the Tabloid press for a year.

They were supported by
Father Jose Pacheco - who comforted Gerry and Kate McCann in the days after Madeleine vanished but later claimed that he had been the victim of some form of deception. He gave them the keys to his church but left the parish soon afterwards. He has said it was an extremely unpleasant situation and the McCann family only ever brought him problems. He later added that the McCanns had “ruined his life” 
Sandy Cameron - brother in law who helped deep clean the carpet in the boot of the hired car prior to the search with cadaver and blood dogs - which nevertheless alerted to the car and key fob
Philomena McCann - sister, who took a leading role in the preparation of the “Dossier of Death” which led ultimately to the death of Brenda Leyland, and was probably involved in the Pool Photo conspiracy

Tony Rickwood - husband of Philomena q.v. specialist in astronomy and creator of perverted images of young women drowning in mud or quicksand, who probably had a leading role in the Pool Photo conspiracy

They are supported by
Tracey Kandohla - ‘journalist’ for The Sun, whose articles have been mendacious, ludicrous, or simply demonstrated a total lack of knowledge of the facts of the case, or of the legal niceties surround it. More recent articles have been left with the Comments open and apparently unmoderated, allowed the full extent of the public disbelief and antagonism towards the McCanns’ story to be demonstrated

Various Shills - on Twitter and Facebook. Many actively support the convicted child murderers Leonor Cipriano and Joao Cipriano
Nigel Nessling - outspoken McCann supporter, who narrowly avoided imprisonment on being found guilty of possession of over 40,000 indecent images of children
Michael Shrimpton - outspoken McCann supporter who claimed that Madeleine had been stolen by a paedophile ring, and was then himself found guilty of possession of pornographic images of children

And then a further very strange link
Clarence Mitchell - The official spokesman for the McCanns contacted
Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor - who had been on the point of being prosecuted for failing to report priest Fr. Hill to the police for indecent assaults on children, but who died before action could be taken - to arrange a visit to Rome to meet
Pope Benedict XVI - who as Cardinal Ratzinger and then as Pope, was involved with and then became the head of an outrageous systematic and long term cover-up of child sexual abuse by hundreds of thousands of homosexual pederast priests - much of it covered up personally by him both as Cardinal in Germany and then as Pope

They count as personal friends
Jon Corner - who released a highly dubious photo of Madeleine, with adult make up and accessories, and in exactly the same pose as one released by Graham Ovenden, who received a long prison sentence for the creation of child pornography

¿ ¿ ¿  WHY  ? ? ? 
Res ipsa loquitur

* * * * *

And only yesterday we learned that the Government will not open Leveson 2

Let us remind ourselves of the people who presented evidence to Leveson 1

The McCanns themselves, - who complained about press intrusion, without bothering to mention that they had paid £ 500,000 to Bell Pottinger to keep their Abduction story in the headlines for a year.

Hugh Grant - who complained that the press had accurately reported his perverted sexual conduct in a public place with a prostitute

Max Moseley - another sexual deviant and incidentally a Nazi sympathiser, who complained that the press had accurately reported his extreme S&M perversion

Why do the McCanns align themselves with people like this ?

We make no further comment