Chapter 20: Spot the water slide !

Spot the water slide !

A challenge for those who believe the abduction myth
and those who put out stories supporting that nonsense

OK. I apologise. There is nothing remotely amusing about the death of Madeleine, nor about the efforts which have been made to pretend that she was abducted. The only people who have smiled and joked and grinned and laughed are the McCanns.

(See Appendix - and weep for Madeleine !)

But I do now have your attention.

Did Madeleine die on Thursday 3rd May or during the night of Sunday 29th / Monday 30th ?

This is merely one example of a story clearly meant to persuade you.

I have ripped much it from Rich Hall’s recent film, but feel it deserves to stand alone, as a classic example of how lies were fed into the media, and acquired lives of their own.

It is known as Media Manipulation, or SPIN, or as normal people would call it - LYING.

Recent research by a respected seeker for the truth, has reinforced the observation that there is little if any evidence of Madeleine’s continued existence on or after Monday 30th April 2007.

What scant evidence there is is largely unconvincing, and in some cases simply factually inaccurate. Even the members of the Tapas 7, for example, contradict themselves and seek to correct errors made in statements by others.

It is fairly obvious that some of the so-called evidence was deliberately planted into the public domain to ensure that the “abduction on Thursday 3rd May “ story could remain the focus of the world’s attention, and would gradually begin to be believed.

This is a clearly fabricated account which seeks to provide evidence of this type, alleged to be from one Vicky Boyd, and reported by a journalist, one Danielle Gusmaroli. This article appeared some two weeks after Madeleine was reported missing, in a magazine called First Magazine, which seems to have had a fairly short existence.

It is worth repeating, so that the egregious nature of this can be fully understood.

“The day before she disappeared, Maddie spent an idyllic afternoon playing in the sun with three year old Louie Boyd. Here Louie’s mum Vicky, shares her story . . .

Vicky, who works in a bank, was sitting by the pool as Maddie’s mum Kate, 38, relaxed on a sun-lounger and watched her daughter whizzing down the waterslide.

“Maddie was wearing a sunhat, a little pink top and blue skirt, occasionally stopping to pull faces at her mum as Kate looked on adoringly,” Vicky recalled.

And so on in the same vein. The full article is appended below.

There is no mention of this incident in the police records, nor in Kate’s autobiography. So far as is known Vicky Boyd did not make a statement to the PJ, and it is difficult to find her name on the official Ocean Club/Mark Warners Guest list.

A number of observations

• Would a small child dressed in a skirt and sunhat whizz on a water slide?

• The day BEFORE she disappeared should refer to Wednesday 2nd May.

But on Wednesday 2nd May - from Kate’s autobiography . . .
“Today it rained. The children went to their clubs, but our tennis lessons were postponed.”

Weather reports confirm that on this occasion Kate’s reporting of the weather is correct.

There was 100% cloud cover for most of the day. The highest temperature peaked briefly at 19º C, at around 5pm, but most of the day was only 16º or 17º, and there was a fairly brisk wind from the WSW, recorded at Force 4 to 5. Other witnesses refer to rain during part of the day.

So it is plain that Vicky Boyd could not have been speaking about Wednesday 2 May.

• But let us assume that the said Vicky Boyd is speaking of the day after she, Vicky, became personally aware of the report, and that she is therefore speaking about Thursday 3rd May

Thursday was cold and windy, Kate says she ‘hung around’ during the morning. Madeleine, she said, had gone to the beach for their ‘mini-sail’ activity, and that at lunchtime

“The weather was a little on the cool side and I remember thinking I should have brought a cardigan for her, We then sat round the toddler pool for a while, dipping our feet in”

We must always remember that this is the day of the McCanns claim for the very well known Last Photo, showing Gerry and two children, Madeleine and Amelie, dipping their feet in the Ocean Club swimming pool, with Gerry’s sweaty forehead, thin T shirt, children’s light clothing, floppy sun hats, sunglasses, and clear evidence of bright sun and a clear sky.

Kate McCann: “Fiona and Dave had been windsurfing that morning and had seen Madeleine’s group, who had gone down to the beach for their ‘mini-sail’ activity. We heard later that they’d been on a speedboat as well as a dinghy. Fiona told me she’d spotted Ella there but not Madeleine.”

As an aside, the mini-sail is shown as 10.30 to 11am

Processo Volume IV page 873

[We note that in that half hour the group have to walk down to the beach, organise the boats, don lifejackets, sail, then go on a speedboat, return, put the boats away, remove life jackets, and walk back, change out of wet clothing, to resume other activities at 11. If the story is to be believed.]

The wind was force 4 from the North West - an offshore wind - very dangerous for inexperienced sailors. The temperature was a chilly 16 -17º C (61º - 63ºF) See appendix

Kate continues: “After preparing some lunch, I went with Fiona to pick up Madeleine and Scarlett, who was in the adjoining Baby Club, taking her on the quicker route through the grounds of the Ocean Club, which she hadn’t yet discovered.”

Observation. This route snakes through the paths at the back of houses on the neighbouring urbanisation, and so avoids the likelihood of being witnessed by anyone else. Or of not being.

Madeleine, that lunchtime, is one of them. She was wearing an outfit I’d bought especially for her holiday: a peach-coloured smock top from Gap and some white broderie-anglaise shorts from Monsoon. 

This directly contradicts Vicky Boyd who maintains Madeleine was wearing a blue skirt.

But in Kate’s book there is no mention of anyone else, no mention of sitting on sun-loungers, nothing about waterslides . . which is just as well, because there IS NO WATERSLIDE, as a glance at any of the contemporaneous photos of the resort will show even the most determined McCann abduction believer.


Kate speaks of white shorts, as usual with too much detail added, NOT a blue dress, and there is no mention of any ‘football session’, let alone one lasting a whole hour.

[Pro footballers play for 45 minutes and then rest. Rugby 40 minutes]

ADDENDUM: A sharp eyed observer has spotted yet another clue that this entire thing is a mendacious invention. There is a brief mention of Gerry playing tennis, but there is no mention of Amelie and Sean. None at all. So where were they ?

Kate’s book claims she took them back to the Toddlers club, but where were they when Boyd and Kate were lying on the sun loungers for the hour ? Surely not in the unlocked apartment on their own !

Kate: “Together we took Sean and Amelie back to the Toddler Club at around 2.40pm and dropped Madeleine off with the Minis ten minutes later. Ella was already there.” (p. 66)

There are many questions that arise from the publication of this story, which appears to have been published solely to promote the hypothesis that Madeleine was abducted.

Who approached First Magazine? Was it Vicky Boyd?

If so, was she prompted to do so by a member of the McCann Team?

Was she paid for her article ? If so, how much ?

Or was First Magazine approached directly by Clarence Mitchell or one of his PR team ?

Why did Vicky Boyd allow her name to be attached to a story that she must have known was wholly false ? And why would she reveal so many personal details, her own and her husband’s name and occupation, her children’s names and their photographs, including details of where they all live.

Why did the publishers of this story do so ?

Were they paid? If so, how much, and by whom ?

If Danielle Gusmaroli was indeed in Praia da Luz, as is stated in the article, why did she not visit the pool and see for herself that there was no water slide?

Or if she did, why did she then lie in the article ?

The author credit on the article is explicit and clear

“By Danielle Gusmaroli, in Praia da Luz” [my emphasis]

And if Gusmaroli was in PdL, was the interview conducted in person, or over the telephone. Had Boyd remained for two further weeks ? (We believe not, incidentally, but are open to proof that they were both still there)

That is not so clear

“Here, Louie’s mum Vicky shares her story with first

Did the publishers check out their story directly with the McCanns or their agents?

Or did they simply reproduce whatever they were given by Vicky Boyd or the McCann Team?

And so on…

We can obviously dismiss this account as a total fabrication, and may believe that it was probably fed by government media director Clarence Mitchell (or a colleague) and / or PR company Bell Pottinger (who were retained by holiday company Mark Warner) to a gullible press, and of no value to any investigation.

BUT - it is not neutral. It must not be simply ignored.

It has significant value to researchers of the truth of this dreadful story.

In particular
(a) the very fact of its presence,

(b) the fact that the details were clearly supposed to match those given by Kate, and

(c) the fact that it was planted in an obscure women’s magazine, and then cross referenced some time later in The Sun, again with family photos of the Boyds, which is designed to give it a spurious credibility, whilst allowing The Sun - if challenged - to claim that they were merely reporting it as second-hand …

d) The article clearly says “Little Madeleine McCann was snatched from her bed TWO WEEKS AGO...” [my emphasis] which means that the article was published and placed on the Tabloid women’s magazine stands the same weekend that the Last Photo was released to AFP. Is this pure coincidence or rather evidence of a Machiavellian strategy?

… all this is clear positive evidence of the egregious lengths to which the McCanns’ spokesman - who once said his job was to “control what came out in the media” - and the forces of Bell Pottinger - who despite what Gerry McCann said under Oath at the Leveson enquiry, were paid £500,000 to keep the story in the papers every day for a year - were prepared to go to in order to keep the abduction version of Madeleine’s mysterious disappearance in the public’s mind.

It may, in fact, for those and other reasons be treated as fairly strong evidence that Madeleine was NOT there.

Like the Last Photo -

it has been invented, and planted purely to perpetuate the myth of Madeleine’s continued existence after 29/30 April.

There is nothing else that does this, and much tends to indicate that Madeleine may have died during that night.
Danielle Gusmaroli (The Mirror) Danielle Gusmaroli (MailOnline)

Richard D. Hall’s film

Weather Charts

Wednesday 2nd May 2007 and Thursday 3rd May 2007.
Grey bars at top are cloud cover.
Arrows at bottom are wind speed and direction.
Thick line is temperature.
Other lines and shaded areas are 10 yearly averages and max./min and may be ignored.

Weather Chart for whole week

Saturday 28 April 2007 to Saturday 5th May 2007.

Grey bars at top are cloud cover.
Red vertical lines indicate sunshine.

* * * * *
I'm sorry, Kate and Gerry, but no one else finds this remotely amusing !

Kate and Gerry's 2016 Christmas message
as you so generously said . . .
"Thank you so much to everyone who hasn't forgotten about Madeleine . . ."

Let us all assure you, Kate and Gerry, that we have not, and we never will.

We do not think it is funny, and we do not make millions of pounds out of it.

We do not abuse and sue, nor pursue to their deaths those who hold different opinions.

We do not travel the world in private jets owned by 'questionable' business people, funded by other’s pensions, and we do not accept hospitality from proven paedo***s.

We do not accept sponsorship from people who run hotels which host 'questionable' adult weekends, and we do not travel the world, nor attempt to meet the Pope.

We do not carry on a pretence and a 'pact of silence' with our friends, and we are not Ambassadors for Charities which pretend to look for people, but in fact do little more than run a website, whilst spending over £2m on staff salaries.

We are just normal concerned people.

We will never forget Madeleine Beth McCann

Requiescat in Pace, little one.