Chapter 16: Why did they do this ? Seven worrying problems

Why did they do this ?
Any child could have told them they would be found out.

Let us start with the first thing they told their own family and friends.

. . . the window in the bedroom . . . and shutters were jemmied open
She told me, 'They have broken the shutter on the window
Kate said the shutters of the room were smashed.
She just told me . . . that the shutters of the apartment had been forced
So now let US look at the shutters
(The first two photos were taken during the night of 3-4 May 2007.
The second ones the following morning, 4/5/7, so they are covered in fingerprint powder . . .)

Jemmied . . . broken . . . smashed . . . forced . . . ?
It was the first statement they made. They said this to close family and friends, who clearly had instructions to repeat it to the Press. In so doing they involved their close friends and relatives in the web of deceit.
How did they ever imagine they could get away with this ?


Kate McCann

"My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that."

". . . but she hated it when we called her Maddie - she'd say, 'My name is Madeleine', with an indignant look on her face."
[- but you just said you never called her that . . . which is it ? ]

Everyone else
Gerry McCann
'April 2005 - Back in Leicester and looking for a job. Now father of three with Sean and Amelie joining Maddie.' [entry on Friends Reunited ]
"Today we think that if Maddie had been taken or killed quickly, there would have been evidence [of this]."

Madeleine's Fund launched
Text "MADDIE" to 60999 and £1 will be taken from your phone for the Madeleine Fund.
Trish Cameron (Gerry's sister)
"When Kate checked, she came out screaming. Maddy had gone.
Eileen McCann (Gerry's mother)
"Anyone who knows Gerry and Kate knows that they cherished Maddie."
John McCann (Gerry's brother)

"They're much more positive about things that can be done to get Maddy back."
Jon Corner (Close friend)"She just told me that Maddy had been abducted,
Mark McQueen (Sean's godfather)
"We know Maddie very well.

“We never called her anything like that”

How did they ever imagine they could get away with this ?


The eye blemish — often referred to as the "mark of Madeleine" - has formed a key part in the campaign to highlight her disappearance. It is played up prominently on posters and videos. It is actually what doctors call a coloboma - or defect - of the iris.

Gerry McCann “ The iris is Madeleine’s only true distinctive feature. Certainly we thought it was possible that this could potentially hurt her or her abductor might do something to her eye . . . but in terms of marketing, it was a good ploy.”

The McCann family has asked health professionals to look out for Madeleine McCann, a 4-year-old English girl with a coloboma of her right iris, who was abducted while on holiday in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007. (The Lancet: Vol 369, No.9576, p.1846, 2 June 2007)

K. McCann: If I'm honest, we haven't put too much emphasis on her eye, because I think you have to be very close to her to see it.
IF I’m honest . . . ! “

How did they ever imagine they could get away with this ?


Kate McCann  She noticed that the door to her children's bedroom was completely open, the window was also open, the shutters raised and the curtains open, while she was certain of having closed them all as she always did.

OR . . . if you prefer a completely different version, try this -

Kate McCann
and literally, as I went back in, the curtains of the bedroom which were drawn,… were closed, … whoosh … It was like a gust of wind, kinda, just blew them open

And this is the photo of the room, showing
• shutters DOWN
• shutters NOT broken,
• curtains trapped behind the chair and between the bed and the wall.

At 10 pm the wind speed was around 4m/s, Force 2

And what wind there was, was westerly, moving gently along the road, parallel to the apartment, not directly at the window

How did they ever imagine they could get away with this ?


Leveson - under OATH ! Mr Jay:  Of course, we all here understand that your overriding objective is the continuing search for your daughter.
We've seen from your statements, or we will see, once the statements are publicly made available, that in terms of reporting, you've experienced what I might call the good, the bad and the particularly ugly side of the press. 
One might ask this: is it helpful to have Madeleine permanently in the public eye?

MR McCANN:  I've talked about this on several occasions in the past, and I do not feel it's helpful, and particularly at the time when there were daily stories running throughout 2007 and 2008.  It became very apparent to us early on there was an incredible amount of speculation and misinformation.  It led to confusion amongst people.  All we need to do is periodically remind the public who have supported us so much that Madeleine is still missing, there's an ongoing search and those responsible for taking her are still at large and have to be brought to justice.

MRS McCANN:  I was just going to say obviously there was a period when Madeleine was on the front page of a paper every day, and I know occasionally people would say to me "That has to be a good thing, hasn't it?  She's in the public eye", and that isn't the case because when the story is so negative about her, and we'll come into that, obviously then that is not helpful.  As Gerry said, I think it's a reminder that's important, that's all.

Compare and Contrast . . .!

Or if you prefer . . .

How did they ever imagine they could get away with this ?


17 May 2007 - Brian Kennedy - explains about the Fund - so the money can be used, errr . . .for all sorts of reasons, but probably mainly for legal expenditure

18 Sept 2007 - This week, prospective MP Esther McVey, one of the six trustees of Madeleine's fund, met with lawyers to examine the legality of breaking into the £1m worth of public donations. . . "Fund directors have decided not to pay for Kate and Gerry's legal defence costs," said Esther.

29 Jan 2009 - Support for her parents - Kate and Gerry - was rocked when Portuguese police named them as suspects, and when it emerged they had used public donations to pay two £2,000 instalments on their mortgage. The fund spent £111,522 on legal fees and expenses - (not the McCanns’ Defence Lawyers .)
News from a UK tabloid that the parents of Madeleine McCann are banking on money donated to the Find Madeleine Fund to pursue former PJ policeman Gonçalo Amaral through the courts has caused a major stir on social media - not least because the couple vowed in 2007 that this could never happen.
A report in Sky News said nine years ago that trustees had announced that “Money from the Find Madeleine campaign will not be used to fund Kate and Gerry McCann’s legal costs".
* * *
But according to Jerry Lawton of the Daily Star, this has all now changed.
They have been ordered to pay both their own and Amaral’s court costs, he said, but this will clearly be suspended while their new “legal bid to silence the former detective” is considered by Portugal’s Supreme Court.
If they lose, the legal bill could wipe out the Find Madeleine Fund set up using public donations to help the search for their daughter”, Lawton warns.
“If they lose there will be a big legal bill to pay”, said the friend - confirming the money would have to “come from the fund set up to find Madeleine”.“use-find-madeleine-fund”-to-pursue-former-pj-cop-through-courts

19 JAN 2013 - Madeleine McCann's mum ploughs £1m from book sales into search for missing daughter. She ploughed the money into the search fund for her missing daughter which had run dangerously short of cash [Front cover - “All royalties donated to Madeleine’s Fund” ! ]

2 Sept 2015 - Family spokesperson Clarence Mitchell said today: “They realise it cannot go on forever.” He told how former GP Kate and heart doctor Gerry, both 37, of Rothley, Leics., had moved money from the publicly-backed Find-Maddie Fund into a special account in anticipation of having to finance the hunt for their daughter themselves.
A source close to the family said: “Kate and Gerry firmly believe Madeleine could still be alive and when the police investigation ends, they have vowed to continue looking for her." They don’t know when this will be, there has been so suggestion yet, but they want to be ready and have set aside huge chunks of money for this reason.”

How did they ever imagine they could get away with this ?


In 2007 the McCanns engaged Metodo 3 to “find Madeleine”. The company is based in Barcelona, at the diagonally opposite corner of the peninsula from PdL, and has no power to investigate in Portugal.
”Mitchell says the decision to hire M-3 on a six-month contract from September was taken ''collectively'' by Gerry McCann, and the family’s lawyers and backers, on the grounds that the agency had the manpower, profile and resources to work in several countries."
After inventing sightings in Morocco, saying that they would “have Madeleine back by Christmas” - a fact denied by the McCann’s lawyers, but admitted by both the McCanns and by Mitchell - Giménez Raso was held on remand for 4 years for alleged drug dealing, and the company subsequently went bust. A recent book (La Cortina da Humo) has shown the extent to which the Fund was being defrauded, apparently under the noses of the Accountants and Solicitors.
Both firms deny negligence and threaten “defamation”.

Next was Oakley International and Kevin Halligen. He defrauded the Fund of another half a million sterling. Clarence Mitchell first described them as “the big boys, the best there is in international investigation". Subsequently Mitchell said: 'The first phase of the contract was satisfactorily seen through, such as the setting up of the hotline. Towards the end of it there were question marks about delivery and the relationship was terminated. [In fact not a single message to the hotline was EVER followed up] Given Mr Halligen is in custody it is inappropriate to comment further.'

Halligen was extradited to the US and imprisoned for offences there. He has never been prosecuted in the UK for offences against the “Fund”, nor it seems has any attempt been made to recover the monies defrauded.
The Solicitors and Accountants accuse anyone who enquires - of defamation.

Then Mitchell announced the hiring of “a team of crack detectives“. He gave the clear impression that this was Alpha Investigations Group of the USA, a respectable company. In fact the two long-since retired Det Sgt and Det Insp set up the company ALPHAIG, with a company address in a pigeon loft in Wales, many weeks after Mitchell had made this extraordinary and obviously mendacious announcement.

Their net contribution to the “search” was to fail utterly to investigate an alleged incident involving a prostitute in the dock area of Barcelona, then to invoke “chloroform” which Kate McCann and Fiona Payne, as anaesthetists, must realise was ludicrous, and then to come out with: She is being held in a Hellish Lair, in the Lawless hinterlands, within 10 miles of Praia da Luz.

The contract appears to have been terminated soon after.
No attempt has apparently ever been made to search for the Hellish Lair.
No attempt has apparently ever been made to recover the monies defrauded

How did they ever imagine they could get away with all this?